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Continuous Lighting

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MFG# 4055
Samy's Part# S-080544
Availability: More Coming Soon
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The SmallRig Vibe P108 RGB Video Light is one portable, fashionable mini full-color light following the Vibe P96 dual-color temperature video light. The ID and unique compass knob design still continue on this version, and also in terms of the light source and battery life. The actual usage scenarios
MFG# 402010
Samy's Part# SMIT402010
Availability: Special Order
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This Smith-Victor DC-1 Dimmer Variable Wattage Control is a simple dimmer control for use with tungsten lights rated 600 total watts or less. It consists of a 110 Volt AC 2-prong plug, a rheostat with sliding control, and a 2-prong socket. Note: a 3-2 prong adapter such as BH# GBGA2 is required...
Samy's Part# S-073159
Availability: Special Order
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The Nanlite 10 in. USB Type-C to DMX Cable for PavoBulb and PixelTube makes it possible to control fixtures like the PavoTube T8-7X LED Pixel Tube and the PavoBulb 10C through DMX. The cable features XLR male and female jacks and a USB-C female connector so you can continue to supply external
Special Order
Call to order: 1-800-321-4726
Notice: This item is non-returnable
Samy's Part# S-015923
Availability: Special Order
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These energy saving, photographic quality, cool burning, low cost lamps are 5500°K. There are 6 wattages available, 30 watt, 35 watt, 45 watt, 70 watt, 105 watt and 150 watt.
Samy's Part# USHIFEV
Availability: Special Order
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Ushio FEV 200 watt (120V) Double Contact Bayonet Base Single-Ended Quartz Halogen Lamp. Tungsten balanced to 3200K. Average life is 50 hours. Fits Arri 150W Fresnel, Mole Inky and LTM Pepper 200. Light bulbs are referred to as "lamps or globes" in the motion picture industry.
MFG# PH212
Samy's Part# USHIPH212
Availability: Special Order
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Incandescent enlarger lamp with an E26 base, a color temperature of 3,050 and a lamp life of 100 hours.
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Continuous lighting equipment, or constant lights, provides a steady source of light that is always on for both photography and video shooting applications. Unlike strobe lighting, which emits a short burst of light when triggered, continuous lighting provides a steady stream of light that allows photographers and videographers to see exactly what their shots will look like before they start shooting.

Continuous lighting offers several advantages over strobe lighting in addition to real-time preview. Constant lights deliver versatility for both photo and video, and they produce more natural-looking light. Continuous lighting is also easier for beginners to work with and requires less technical expertise than professional strobe lighting equipment. 

We carry a wide selection of continuous lighting equipment with various light sources, including LED, tungsten, and fluorescent lights. When using continuous photography lighting, it's important to pay attention to factors such as color temperature, brightness, and the quality of light produced. You may need to experiment with different types of continuous lighting and settings to achieve the desired look and feel for your photos or videos.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is the Most Efficient Form of Continuous Lighting?

LED lights are the most efficient form of continuous lighting currently available. Unlike tungsten or fluorescent lights, LED continuous lighting consumes minimal energy and produces negligible heat. Since continuous lighting remains on for the entire shoot, the heat and energy efficiency of LED lights are a significant consideration for both safety and budgetary purposes.

Do I Need a Special Power Source for Continuous Output Lighting?

Most continuous output lighting systems are designed to be user-friendly and can easily be plugged into standard electrical outlets. However, some high-power models, especially those used in professional settings, may require a dedicated electrical circuit to handle the increased load.

Can Continuous Lighting Be Used Outdoors?

Absolutely, continuous lighting can be utilized in outdoor settings, but there are important factors to consider. The most crucial is the power source. While many continuous lighting systems are designed for indoor use and require electrical outlets, there are battery-powered LED continuous lighting options specifically designed for outdoor use.

Can Continuous Lighting Produce Professional-Quality Results?

Absolutely. High-quality continuous lighting equipment can produce results comparable to strobe lighting, especially in controlled environments. With the right set-up and attention to factors like color temperature and brightness, continuous photography lighting can yield professional-grade photos and videos.

How Do I Balance Continuous Lighting with Ambient Light?

Balancing continuous lighting with ambient light is easier than you might think. Because you can see the effects of continuous lighting in real time, you can easily adjust the intensity and direction of your lights with internal settings and light modifiers to complement or counteract existing light conditions.

Can I Use Continuous Lighting for Portraits?

Yes, continuous lighting is a popular choice for portrait photography as it offers a natural-looking, versatile, and user-friendly setup that can help you capture the perfect portrait. Constant lights also make for a more comfortable experience for your subjects, as continuous lighting can be less startling and harsh on their eyes.

Can I Use Continuous Lighting and Strobe Lighting Together?

Absolutely, using a combination of continuous lighting and strobe lighting is a common practice among professionals to achieve a balanced and dynamic lighting setup. Each type of lighting offers its own set of advantages, and using them together allows you to capitalize on the best of both worlds.