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Nikon is one of the oldest and most established brands in the photography industry. Offering a variety of models in DSLR, mirrorless, and point-and-shoot camerasĀ  for both enthusiasts and pros, Nikon high-performing cameras feature high-quality sensors, stunning clarity, and amazing detail. Nikon is known for their mirrorless and DSLR cameras and for good reason; they offer fast shutter speeds, high performance, and remarkable clarity.

Nikon's mirrorless cameras have the widest lens mount of any full frame camera currently on the market. This wide lens mount provides more light, creating sharper images and enabling faster performance. Adding a mount adaptor ensures a compatible mount for hundreds of Nikon lenses so you can choose the exact focus, angle, and focal length for the perfect photo.

With hundreds of Nikon lenses and a large range of models with various features and options, Nikon is sure to have a camera for you. Shop Nikon today for a high-quality camera or lens with unbeatable image quality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do Professionals Use Nikon?

Yes! Nikon is one of the biggest names in the professional photography world. Known for their exceptional quality, Nikon cameras are one of the professional's' most important tools. Capable of both photography and videography, Nikon cameras have all of the features and specs professionals and enthusiasts alike desire.

Where Are Nikon Cameras Made?

Nikon cameras are produced in factories in Japan as well as in factories worldwide. As of 2021, Nikon has moved some production facilities to Thailand. Regardless of which manufacturing facility, each Nikon camera and lens goes through rigorous quality-control inspections to ensure every product is of the highest quality.

What Does VR on a Nikon Lens Mean?

The "VR" on a Nikon camera lens stands for vibration reduction. This feature reduces the blur caused when the camera shakes. By compensating for small vibrations and movements, the vibration reduction helps give you a sharper image when shooting handheld as opposed to mounted on a tripod. Whether you are taking photos or shooting videos, having VR on your Nikon lens can enhance the quality and clarity of your images so you can get the perfect shot.

Can Nikon Lenses be Used on Other Cameras?

Yes, with the correct adaptor, Nikon lenses can fit on other camera brands. Nikon lenses are designed for Nikon cameras, but with the use of a lens adapter, you can attach your lens to a variety of different cameras. Some Nikon lenses may have limited functionality when placed on other cameras, such as the automatic focus.

Do Nikon Binoculars Have a Lifetime Warranty?

Nikon offers separate warranty coverage for their binoculars' optical, non-optical, and electric components. The lifetime warranty applies to the optical systems of the Nikon binoculars assuring the components will be free from defects for the life of the product. The non-optical aspects are covered by a seven-year warranty, and the electrical components are covered by a one-year warranty. For specific terms and conditions, it is best to check the warranty card that comes with your binoculars or the Nikon website.

Does Nikon Still Make Scopes?

As of the beginning of 2020, Nikon has decided to discontinue its distribution of rifle scopes. Instead, Nikon is focusing their time on their main product -- cameras. However, Nikon is still committed to manufacturing outdoor and consumer-friendly products, including binoculars, rangefinders, and field scopes.

Is Nikon Discontinuing DSLR Cameras?

Not entirely. While Nikon will no longer be developing new DSLR cameras, it will continue manufacturing DSLR cameras for consumers. Nikon has ceased creating new DSLR cameras with the Nikon D6 being the last flagship addition released in 2020. While Nikon shifts toward mirrorless cameras, they still aim to meet the demand and continue providing customers with both DSLR and mirrorless cameras.

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