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Lighting Umbrellas

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Samy's Part# PHOTUMRUT30
Availability: Special Order
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Attentive to detail makes Photoflex umbrellas the best you can find. The frames, unlike any other umbrella frames, are painted to eliminate uncontrollable reflections. White Satin with removable black cover. This convertible umbrella is a great reflective umbrella, but it can also be used as a...
Notice: This item is non-returnable
Special Order
Call to order: 1-800-321-4726
MFG# T126
Samy's Part# LOWET126
Availability: Special Order
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Fits directly onto Tota or Omni and ViP lights without tools, to convert them to soft shadow sources. Heat-resistant, woven, white fabric.
MFG# T125
Samy's Part# LOWET125
Availability: Special Order
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Fits directly onto Tota or Omni and ViP lights without tools. Slightly softens the light output, with some specular highlights. Heat resistant, woven, soft-silver surface.
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Lighting umbrellas are a must-have tool for photographers and videographers who are passionate about achieving perfect lighting for their photos. By controlling and focusing light onto your subject with a photography umbrella, you can produce beautifully lit photos that showcase your subject's features. 

Our selection of studio lighting umbrellas is suitable for both continuous lighting and studio strobes, making them versatile tools that can be used to produce great results in a variety of settings. They come in various sizes and shapes, from standard shallow light umbrellas to deep parabolic umbrellas, to fit any shooting situation. Additionally, photography umbrellas are available in a range of materials, including white, reflective, or shoot-through fabrics.

One of the best things about lighting umbrellas is their ease of use. They are easy to set up, transport, and store, making them an essential lighting tool that you can always bring out to improve your shots. No matter your subject or style, lighting umbrellas are a great option for controlling and diffusing light to create outstanding photos.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Are Lighting Umbrellas or Beauty Dishes Better for Shooting Portraits?

Lighting umbrellas tend to create soft, flattering light with broader coverage that make portraits look great. However, if you want more focused and dramatic lighting that emphasizes facial features, a beauty dish may be the answer. Both light modifiers can be used to create great portrait lighting, and the choice ultimately comes down to personal preference and the specific goals of the shoot.

What's the Difference Between a Softbox and a Lighting Umbrella?

Softboxes and lighting umbrellas are both popular light modifiers used in studio photography and videography. They both work by diffusing and spreading light from a light source, but differ in their design and the type of light they produce. Softboxes produce soft, directional light, while lighting umbrellas produce broader, less directional light. The choice between a softbox and studio umbrella light for photography depends on the types of photos and video you're shooting, the look you're trying to achieve, and the size of the space you're shooting in.

How Do I Choose the Right Size of Photography Umbrella?

The size of the photography umbrella you choose depends on your shooting environment and the subject. Larger umbrellas produce softer, more diffused light, ideal for group shots or full-body portraits, while smaller umbrellas are suitable for headshots or small object photography.

How Do I Position a Lighting Umbrella for Best Results?

Position your lighting umbrella at an angle and distance that best illuminates your subject. The distance and angle can be adjusted based on the desired effect, such as softer light with the umbrella further away or more direct light when closer to the subject.

What Is the Difference Between White and Black Photography Umbrellas?

White photography umbrellas diffuse and soften light, creating a more natural and even illumination, ideal for portraits and still life. Black umbrellas, typically with a silver or white interior, focus and intensify light, offering more control and contrast. The choice depends on the desired lighting effect in your photography.

How Close Should the Flash Be to the Umbrella?

The distance between the flash and the umbrella can greatly affect the quality of light. Generally, a closer position produces softer and more diffused light, ideal for portraits. Increasing the distance intensifies and narrows the light beam, suitable for highlighting specific areas or creating dramatic effects.

Can I Use Multiple Lighting Umbrellas in One Setup?

Absolutely, using multiple lighting umbrellas allows for creative and versatile lighting setups. This approach can enhance lighting balance, reduce harsh shadows, and provide a more uniform illumination. It's particularly useful in portrait photography, where controlling light and shadow is crucial for capturing depth and detail.