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On purchases of $199 or more with your Samy's Camera Credit Card.
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On purchases of $599 or more with your Samy's Camera Credit Card.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can I use my Samy's Camera Credit Card?
Your Samy's Camera Credit Card can be used to make purchases online, at, or at any of our Retail Locations.

What are the current special financing offers?
6 Month Special Financing* on orders totaling $199 and above.
12 Month Special Financing* available on orders totaling $599 or more.
Order minimum excludes sales tax, shipping fees, and discounts. To receive special financing, simply pay with the Samy's Camera Credit Card and select the financing option during checkout.

How will I receive my Samy's Camera Credit Card Information?
Applying for an Samy's Camera Credit Card is fast and easy. The application is subject to approval by Synchrony Bank. If approved, we'll automatically add your Samy's Camera Credit Card to your account at checkout. Select the Samy's Camera Credit Card under the payment information to pull up your available account information. You will receive your Samy's Camera Credit Card in the mail within 7-10 business days after applying.

How can I manage my account?
For Samy's Camera Credit Card accounts, you can pay your bill online or modify your account settings by clicking here:
My Account

Can I ship to an alternate address?
All orders must be shipped to the billing address on file for final approval of transaction. We can not ship to an alternate address.

Pay By Phone:
Contact Synchrony Customer Service 24/7 at (866) 396-8254.

Pay By Mail:
To ensure your payment is on time, mail in advance of the payment due date. Send payment to:
Synchrony Bank
P.O. Box 960061
Orlando, FL 32896-0061


Pre-Owned, Open Box & Collectibles

Get the best deals on top Filters models & collectibles

Lens filters are essential tools for photographers looking to improve their photos by increasing contrast, making colors more vivid, eliminating glare, and even protecting valuable lenses from dust and scratches. While navigating the extensive variety of lens filter types, quality levels, and price ranges can initially seem daunting, understanding when and how to utilize them can significantly simplify the process.

Constructed from meticulously engineered glass or resin materials, camera lens filters empower you to unlock creative possibilities, often without the need for further post-processing. Although photo editing software offers its own set of advantages, it also comes with inherent limitations, and excessive manipulation can result in images that are obviously altered.

While some camera filters provide polarization, color correction, and other special effects, they all provide an additional layer of protection to your valuable camera lenses. It?s always preferable to replace a scratched or broken UV filter rather than pay to repair or replace an entire lens that could cost thousands of dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do Professionals Use Lens Filters?

Yes, many professional photographers use lens filters. Professionals often use several different types of photographic filters, depending on the specific needs of their shoot. For example, a circular polarizing filter can reduce reflections and improve color saturation, while a neutral density filter can allow for longer exposures and smoother water or sky effects.

Do Lens Filters Degrade Image Quality?

In general, lens filters do not degrade image quality. In fact, when used correctly, lens filters can improve the quality of your images by reducing glare, protecting your lens from scratches and other damage, and providing additional control over the light entering the lens. However, it is important to note that the quality of lens filters can vary greatly, and using a low-quality filter can potentially degrade image quality. It is best to use high-quality lens filters from reputable manufacturers to achieve the best photo results.

Do Lens Filters Work with Lens Caps?

Most lens caps are designed to fit over the front of the lens and can usually be used when a filter is attached. However, it's good practice to check for compatibility, especially if you're using thicker or multiple stacked filters.

Can Lens Filters Be Used on Any Camera?

Most lens filters are threaded to fit specific lens diameters, so they're not universally compatible with all cameras. Always check the specifications of your camera lens and compare it with the filter to ensure they match before making a purchase.

How Do Lens Filters Affect Color in Photos?

Filters like polarizing or color correction filters can have a significant impact on the colors in your photos. They can make skies bluer, reduce glare that washes out colors, or balance out unnatural color casts from artificial lighting.

Can I Use Multiple Filters at the Same Time?

Yes, some photographers do stack filters to achieve specific effects. However, stacking too many filters can risk degrading the image quality and may cause issues like vignetting. Always test first to ensure the desired outcome.

Can Lens Filters Be Repaired?

While minor scratches or smudges might be cleaned off, significant damage to a lens filter typically necessitates replacement. Repairing a badly damaged filter is often not cost - effective and could risk further lens or image degradation.