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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can I use my Samy's Camera Credit Card?
Your Samy's Camera Credit Card can be used to make purchases online, at, or at any of our Retail Locations.

What are the current special financing offers?
6 Month Special Financing* on orders totaling $199 and above.
12 Month Special Financing* available on orders totaling $599 or more.
Order minimum excludes sales tax, shipping fees, and discounts. To receive special financing, simply pay with the Samy's Camera Credit Card and select the financing option during checkout.

How will I receive my Samy's Camera Credit Card Information?
Applying for an Samy's Camera Credit Card is fast and easy. The application is subject to approval by Synchrony Bank. If approved, we'll automatically add your Samy's Camera Credit Card to your account at checkout. Select the Samy's Camera Credit Card under the payment information to pull up your available account information. You will receive your Samy's Camera Credit Card in the mail within 7-10 business days after applying.

How can I manage my account?
For Samy's Camera Credit Card accounts, you can pay your bill online or modify your account settings by clicking here:
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Can I ship to an alternate address?
All orders must be shipped to the billing address on file for final approval of transaction. We can not ship to an alternate address.

Pay By Phone:
Contact Synchrony Customer Service 24/7 at (866) 396-8254.

Pay By Mail:
To ensure your payment is on time, mail in advance of the payment due date. Send payment to:
Synchrony Bank
P.O. Box 960061
Orlando, FL 32896-0061


Pre-Owned, Open Box & Collectibles

Get the best deals on top Studio & Lighting models & collectibles

Lighting is a fundamental cornerstone of photography. Whether you're shooting candidly, setting up a professional photo studio, or producing high-quality product photo shoots, photography lighting is essential to getting creative with your image while still capturing the best shot you can.

At Samy's Camera, you'll find everything you need to properly light a photoshoot, both in-studio and on the go. We carry a wide selection of on-camera flashes as well as professional studio lighting equipment, including continuous lighting, strobe lighting, light boxes, diffusers, light meters, reflectors, photography backgrounds - everything you need to help properly illuminate your subjects for the best shot. Find a flash for when you're on the go during a wedding.  Set up strobe lights with a wireless remote for creative lighting during a portrait shoot. Our collection of studio accessories and lighting equipment will help you compose a well-crafted and well-let picture. Shop studio lighting at Samy's Camera today!

Studio and Photography Lighting Reviews

Mola Demi 22 in. Softlight Reflector - Silver

"I love this reflector! Mola makes superior products, and this is a perfect example of that! The portraits come out nice and crisp. If you want images that are beautifully lit and will really pop, get the mola reflector with silver interior!"

Ashleigh R. San Francisco, CA.

How To Set Up Studio Lighting?

There are a few accessories you'll need to create good studio lighting. A typical studio lighting setup will usually include a key light, a fill light, and a backlight. The key light is the main light and is usually located 35 to 45 degrees toward the subject. The fill light is then placed somewhere above the camera lens and helps to bring out the details by reducing contrast. Finally, the backlight shines from above and behind the subject, somewhat pointed toward the camera. The backlight helps to define the edges of the subject from the camera's perspective. A wireless remote would then let you move about your subject using different angles and lighting conditions to compose your images. With a good studio lighting setup, the creative possibilities are endless!

How To Light Product Photography?

To get good lighting for product photography you'll also need to have three main pieces of lighting equipment. You'll need a main light similar to a key light. You'll also need a diffuser, which goes between the product and the light source. This scatters the light in a soft way which can increase the scene's overall brightness. Finally, you can also use a reflector which helps balance shadows and reduce contrast to improve details.

A tabletop studio light box can provide these lighting elements which can be really helpful for small product photography at home or when you're on the go. The more you practice with light, the more comfortable you can get working with light to craft your desired image.

Samy's Camera has great choices and everyday low prices on studio lighting equipment and photography lighting. Set up your perfect photography studio today!