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The Care and Nourishment of Your Digital Camera Batteries


The Care and Nourishment of Your Digital Camera Batteries

March 24, 2022  |  by Krishna Jaret

Showing our digital camera batteries a little TLC through proper care and nourishment is the key to longer camera battery life. 

Have you ever been in the field and about to capture that crucial moment when all of a sudden your camera shuts down due to a dead battery? Worse yet, your backup battery is not charged either. It goes without saying that battery care is critical to photographic and video success.

Stay in Charge and Charged up!

Ever wonder how many fully charged batteries you should have when on a shooting assignment. Well, here is what many of the professionals recommend.  

  • Landscape photographers should always carry three batteries due to the remote shooting locations. After all, who wants to miss the best sunset ever due to dead batteries. 
  • Fashion photographers need three or more batteries for fast-paced photo sessions. 
  • Wedding photographers need one active battery that they never drain and three more backups to make it through the long shooting days. 
  • Sports Photographers should have 3 batteries and possibly four depending upon the sport. If you are constantly focus tracking, you will drain batteries faster, and backups are critical.
  •  Wildlife Photographers have a battery drain similar to sports photographers and need 3 batteries in most cases.

Special Situations:

  • Many photographers shoot in live view, and this mode consumes more power because you are lighting your screen for an extended time. Expect your battery life to be 25% less than if you were using your viewfinder only. Thus, we recommend that you add one more battery to your field carry.
  • Video shoots are a high battery consumption activity. How many charged batteries to carry depends upon your estimated recording length, and you should consult your operating manual for guidance. 
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Charge Your Batteries Frequently

It is always a good habit to recharge your batteries between uses. We always recommend that you use the manufacturer’s charger and while you can also use a third-party charger, make sure it meets the manufacturer’s specifications. Also, once your battery has reached a full charge, be sure to take it out of the charger. Over-charging batteries will reduce the battery life span. 

If you are not using your camera for more than 90 days, remember to take your battery out and store it in a safe location. Batteries often leak when stored in a camera, and the damage can be terminal for the camera and battery. 

Remember to charge and then completely discharge your camera batteries at least twice a year to keep them active.

This leads us to where do we house these extra batteries while not in use. We recommend that you tuck those unused batteries in the little plastic cover or cases in which they were originally housed. This will keep any dirt or dust from coming in contact with the connectors and reduce the chance of any battery shortage. 

Rechargeable batteries have more common with humans than you may think, as they also prefer more moderate temperatures.  We always recommended storing batteries in cool mild temperatures between 59 Fahrenheit to 77 Fahrenheit.   Always avoid having your batteries stored in extreme hot or cold locations.


We love our cameras, and we have made a substantial investment in purchasing just the right one for all our shooting needs.  Remember adding two to three reputable brand rechargeable batteries into the mix can make all the difference while capturing images.  Taking the extra time to properly recharge, store, and care for your batteries will guarantee an extended battery life and a lifetime of making great photos. 

March 24, 2022

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