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RM3DI Camera Body
RM3DI Camera Body

Arca-Swiss RM3DI Camera Body

MFR Part #: 0170691
Samy's Part #: S-025602
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The Arca-Swiss RM3DI Camera Body is the perfect tool for any photographer wishing to shoot both with a digital back as well as film. The ARCA Rm3Di can be mounted with lenses ranging from 23 mm to 210mm. Schneider, as well as Rodenstock are both working hard on the development of new lenses specifically designed for digital photography.

During the development of Rm3Di, ARCA-SWISS's engineers decided to employ an integrated focusing system, in the body of the camera. They also integrated the tilt, or swing, mechanism into the body as well. Thus, there is no need to pay extra for the tilt/swing mechanism even for lenses as short as 23mm. The purchase price for the body includes these mechanisms as well as the grips, tripod mount, and ground lass. Furthermore, the helical mount of the ARCA SWISS Rm3Di is much more precise than traditional helical mounts as it’s movements utilize a far finer pitch than supplied with most lenses of this type.

This focusing helical can rotate almost 5 times completely. Each lens is supplied with a focus card, which may be had as a PDF to be used in Phone/ipad etc., for convenience. The card shows the setting for all distances from nearest, depending on the lens to infinity. Each lens is mounted in a calibrated precision lens barrel. The lenses can then be either directly attached to ARCA SWISS's Rm3Di via the incorporated bayonet mount or -and this, once again, is unique -used by means of an optional bayonet lens board in Arca-Swiss bellows view type cameras. Lenses already owned by the customer, which are appropriate for the setup being purchased, may be precision mounted at Arca-Swiss for a small charge.

An AIP, all-in-plane, rise/fall and shift capability has been integrated into all R camera bodies. This means that the perspective does not change, as the lens is not moving when these movements are utilized. Architectural, automotive and still life photographers, as well as, those making landscape photographs, are bound to be delighted with the ability to adjust image sharpness using the axis tilt/swing movement. This is done with a geared fine adjustment control located beneath the lens. The motion is self-locking and zeros in a detent at the 0 position. This does not result in any restriction of the field of view.

The back features the standard 6x9 cm reversible focusing screen/fresnel of ARCA SWISS, model N. It permits the installation of all 6x9 system accessories, such as a binocular viewfinder or compendium, for instance. Any digital back mounted for Phase/Mamiya, Hasselblad V or H, Contax 645, or even Leaf AFI/Sinar HY6 can be accommodated with our adapter plates. A standard 6x9/6x7 roll back adapter is also offered. The backs/groundglass can also change orientation vis-a-vis use of either the rotational ‘Rotatmount’ or the ‘Rotaslide’ optional accessories. Just a twist and you have changed from Vertical to Horizontal. Much safer and quicker, and cuts down on dust as well.

The RM3di does not require shimming for sharp pictures. It requires a test set of images with a subject perhaps 1/2 mile or 1000 meters distant, be made, and interpreted on the computer for best or sharpest image. Perhaps 6 or 10 images will suffice. This test will show you your focus factor. i.e.: If an image at focus mark 2 was the best, 2 is your focus factor So you add this number to the number indicated on the focus card for the distance to the focus point you have chosen and you will be sharp. This means that if you have 2 digital backs, you don’t have to have 2 bodies. Or if you need to rent or borrow another back, you won’t need to shim the body to the new back. Just do the quick test to determine the focus factor for the new body, and you are ready to shoot great images. Each back will have a different focus factor. Even 2 of the same type will be different. This test takes perhaps 20 minutes tops.

An electronic rangefinder focusing module is also available. Called the emodule cloud, it allows the user to focus through its bright, multicoated lens. The distance is shown on the emodule screen at the rear. The user can then transfer this reading easily to through the rear facing readout. by matching the focused readout to the distance the camera is focused. Both distances are shown on the rear-facing screen. As the helical on the body is rotated the cameras focused distance is shown next to the object distance obtained by the emodule. Match them up and you will be sharp! Additionally, just below the distance indicator readout, there 4 rows of numbers. These represent the near plane and far plane distances for 4 apertures respectively: F5.6, F8, F11, F16. So you not only have the focus distance shown but the depth of field indicated as well. This is continuously variable as you change the distance you are focused at. The focal length and circle of confusion for the DOF calculations are user entered. No other camera made has this capability.

A Variofinder accessary is available and is mounted in its accessory shoe, centered on the top of ARC SWISS Rm3Di. Thanks to its zooming capabilities, it covers all focal lengths in the range of 23 210mm with the corresponding masks, which are provided with each lens. With the aid of these masks, it is extremely easy to transfer the rise/fall or shift adjustment to the digital back or focusing screen. A small drum, also provided with each lens, integrated in the Variofinder, acts as a guide to the depth of field for the lens focal length and distance focused. The Variofinder can be attached to the camera in portrait or in landscape format. The ARCA-SWISS Rm3Di is built in such a way that it can be used as the front of an Arca-Swiss 6x9 camera or on the optical bench of every ARCA-SWISS camera, with the appropriate bellows. This enables use of its fine focus capabilities for focus stacking, for instance.

Modular design par excellence!

ARCA-SWISS Rm3D can be directly clamped onto an ARCA-SWISS Monoball or an ARCA-SWISS Cube with classic or fliplock type QR. The foot is designed, and now delivered with both classic and monoballfix type feet. There is a hole in the middle of this tripod mount to allow the passage of a cable release. Thus, the camera can be held with both hands during hand held shooting and can, for example, be triggered with the left thumb -going off without delay and staying resistant to shocks. It also doesn’t drop cable release when lenses are exchanged. Convenient!
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Film Format 6X9
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